Hadraniel Love Jadeite Jade SGD 4,300.00
Sachael Black and White Diamonds SGD 2,890.00
Beauteous Jophiel Jadeite Jade SGD 4,990.00
Mihr Ruby Ruby SGD 9,890.00
Michaelis Jade Jadeite Jade SGD 4,100.00
Ariel Jadeite Jade SGD 2,390.00
Gabrielle Jadeite Jade SGD 4,390.00
Afriel Ruby SGD 2,890.00
Gavreelene Jadeite Jade SGD 3,100.00
Liwette Rose Ruby SGD 3,290.00
Taylar Jadeite Jade SGD 2,890.00
Urieleah Jadeite Jade SGD 2,290.00
Dina Sapphire SGD 3,690.00
Charmeine Jadeite Jade SGD 2,490.00
Nathaniele Jadeite Jade SGD 3,100.00
Muriel Peace Jadeite Jade SGD 3,100.00
Dear Sera Jadeite Jade SGD 1,499.00
Karrae Jadeite Jade SGD 1,590.00
Cathetel Lily Jadeite Jade SGD 2,200.00
Caelli Bliss Jadeite Jade SGD 4,100.00
Tabbriss Jadeite Jade SGD 2,200.00
Manakiss Jadeite Jade SGD 5,990.00
Paschar Icy Jadeite SGD 6,100.00
Lovely Dabriel Jadeite Jade SGD 4,390.00

Gemstone & Jade Rings

The Rich Rock Rings showcased above are inspired by our unceasing fascination of the natural world, many of our designs can be seen crafted in gemstones with vivid hues depicting the forms of flora and fauna, which in our opinion is still the truest form of beauty. 

With years of experience and unyielding attention to detail, each ring that is featured here is meticulously sourced and expertly hand crafted, designed to be a wearable work of art, and unique in its design to this part of the world.

Diverse experiences, all beautiful

Lovely Dabriel is a beautiful symbol of the vibrancy and regeneration of nature. Gavreelene exudes timeless elegance with a modern twist. Gabrielle screams confident and cool. Manakiss is bold and powerful yet feminine and unpretentious. Understated elegance and versatility best characterise the Michalis Jade. Yes! Our Rings are timeless, they are glamorous and very stylish, and without a doubt, they are going to bring lots of joy to the wearer.

Whether it is a gift for yourself or for a loved one, our plush black and powder pink packaging will make this gift extra special. 

Discover a hidden gem of Singapore

Discover TRR Rich Rock collection, featuring precious stones on 18k solid gold, celebrating life’s special moments. Speak to a consultant from The Rich Rock today about our unparalleled and unique collection. Schedule a viewing today! Call or WhatsApp us at +65 8779 0285, or contact us through our enquiry form or via email at contact@therichrock.com.