Melangell Jadeite Jade SGD 2,890.00
Seraphina Jadeite Jade SGD 1,990.00
Rosangel Ruby SGD 4,100.00
Engelbertina Pearl SGD 1,900.00
Parisa Jadeite Jade SGD 1,890.00
Tangia Jadeite Jade SGD 2,900.00
Engelbertha Pearl SGD 1,890.00
Angelette Jadeite Jade SGD 1,700.00
Solange Black and White Diamonds SGD 3,100.00
Angelisa Jadeite Jade SGD 1,490.00
Blu Blitzen Aquamarine SGD 2,350.00
Prancer Emerald SGD 996.00
Rudo Ice Icy Jadeite SGD 719.10
Cupid Studs Jadeite Jade SGD 987.70
Dasher Jades Jadeite Jade SGD 397.80
Dancer Queen Jadeite Jade SGD 397.80

Gemstone & Jade Earrings

The Rich Rock Earrings showcased above are inspired by our lives’ journeys, blending the eastern and the western. The history and art of the Chinese Empire had held Jade in high regard, the way diamonds are held up by the West. It is our intention at The Rich Rock to reimage Jade in ways that you will find compelling and wearable for decades to come. 

With years of experience and unyielding attention to detail, each pair of earrings that is featured here is meticulously sourced and lovingly hand crafted, and unique in its design to this part of the world.  Discover the true beauties of fine jewellery and browse Singapore’s most valued collection of Gemstones and Jade earrings here at The Rich Rock.

An exceptional collection

Seraphina is elegant and sensual. Melangell is glamourous, lovely and completely refined. Parisa is sweet and dainty with a vivid hue. Blu Blitzen sparkles like the stars and has a casual coolness. There is character and style in each and every pair of our earrings which is going to reflect on the wearer. 
Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or yourself, you can count on us for sleek, stylish packaging to house your treasured heirloom. 

A beautiful choice

Find out why The Rich Rock stands apart as one of Singapore’s finest jewellers. Discover something exceptional and schedule a viewing with one of our consultants today. Call us on +65 9824 4765 or contact us either through our enquiry form or via email at contact@therichrock.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.